Custom Wristbands for Charity and Promotion

Regardless of your purpose of buying rubber wristbands in lots, there are two aspects that you will most likely contemplate. First one is the degree of customization achievable and next, tax/legal implications of distributing them. Clearly, cost is not a matter as they come damn cheap even for the best of qualities.

Your customization requirements can be assumed to be minimal particularly if the bracelets are for charity fundraising. The basic assumption is that most charity fundraisers want to keep the rubber wristbands as simple as is enough to make them easily identifiable so as to stress on the core, nonverbal message more. More over, since the custom rubber bracelets are already identified as being associated with charity, the need for following a trend while custom making is not necessary.

Since custom wristbands are waterproof and can be worn at any time; marketers are upbeat about them. Wristbands are visible all the 24 hours unlike other promotional products such as mugs, pens, key chains etc; it’s as if getting the whole market to wear your advertisement at dirt cheap price. It is here that custom rubber wristbands are helpful; higher the customization the better.

Charity Rubber Wristbands


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