How Are Silicone Wristbands Classified

These custom silicone bracelets are popular by quite a few names but at the core, they are all same except for the custom differences.

The custom rubber bracelets are pretty comfortable to wear and are durable because of stretch-resistant properties and no wonder they are sweeping the country. Silicone wrist bands have carved their own niches and are thus identified with the purposes they are conceived for. The color based classification will be helpful in customizing your wristbands.

  1. Blue: Blue rubber wristbands are general in nature; very popular color.

  2. Red: Linked with HIV & AIDS awareness, heart disease prevention and anti tobacco

  3. Green: Ecology

  4. Pink: Breast cancer research, also stands for love & beauty

  5. Orange: Multiple Sclerosis

  6. Yellow: Support for cancer research

These are some amongst the most visible silicone wristbands that are recognized with some causes. You can make your custom design keeping this in mind.


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