Colorful Silicone Wristbands

The hot demand for silicone wristbands is understandable considering the fashion trend; fund raisers like clubs, schools, charities, religious organizations find it a great tool. The freedom to order custom silicone bracelets by the bulk is also being used by the marketers as it is the easiest and most affordable way to create awareness for their products or companies. For one, the silicone band, as something noble, is a presold concept and marketers are smart to cash in on this.

Colorful and Debossed Custom Rubber Bracelets come in the following colors:

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Purple

  • Grey

  • Black

  • Orange

  • White

  • Pink

  • Yellow

  • Amber

  • and 1000's of others. View our color guide here

Making bracelets in custom multiple colors and patterns is the best part of choosing them. Colors are customizable like you can specify the patterns from an array of options. Silicone bracelet buyers have preferred mainly the debossed type over embossed type. Debossed bands have the imprint of text and/or logo in the same color as the band. For choice of colors, you can actually think out of rainbow colors, so get ready for pleasant surprises with marble, marbleized or camouflaged color options.

Debossed and custom color silicone wrist bands don’t cost you extra as they are complementary to purchasers and you really need to think of the text or graphic to be usd there.



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