Custom Rubber Wrist Bands

If there is one thing that is attracting lots of public attention, it is custom rubber wrist bands and is fast turning into a reliable vehicle to exhibit your support for any cause you want to. Even a rank newbie to marketing would vouch for their popularity and given a chance, would never think twice to try his or her hand at employing the great but innocuous tool.

Having decided to use custom rubber wrist bands, you have put yourself in the seat to choose and custom design the wrist bands that should give a boost to your marketing efforts. Of course, I don’t think I will have to say the apparent, but rubber wrist bands are almost invariably made from silicone wristbands unlike a few years ago which has what has contributed to their sky high popularity on the face of bracelets made of ordinary rubbers.

Silicon rubber, by virtue of being neutral in color and translucent, gels more than perfectly with any color and still has it in it to retain its original mesmerizing transparency. What adds to the beauty is the guarantee that debossed wrist bands sell like hot cakes, a fact which removes a vital headache from the selection protocol.

I am in favor of debossed custom rubber wrist bands particularly because of their finest surface finish, thanks to injection moulding, a technology which has revolutionized the wristbands we wear. The sharp edges of debossed letters or logos can hardly be matched when it is injection molded. Secondly, ask whether the coloring pigments used for silicone wristbands are specially formulated and can be impregnated. Impregnation ensures no-fading of colors.

Check whether custom rubber wristbands can be made in two layers and check samples of screen prints for possible smudging of letters. Finally you would want to know the minimum order quantity to escape the forced purchases when you don’t want buying in bulks.

Custom Rubber Wrist Bands


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