Custom Silicone Bracelets

Not may Americans are aware that wearing custom silicone bracelets is more than a mere fashion statement. In fact, the difference they are bringing abut to groups using the idea to raise funds or promote causes and for the corporations promoting products or events is not calculated in terms of simple return on investment. Yes, they are inexpensive, chic and trendy for the wearer but they are perceived as free salespersons, working tirelessly round the year.

Almost everything about these custom silicone bracelets is favorable to marketers. First off, since they are manufactured from 100% food grade silicone rubber, wearers need not be apprehensive about skin irritations. Since the silicone rubber has high tensile properties, they hardly expand if ever, let alone breaking. Also, it is virtually impossible to match the surface finish by any other rubber. Particularly it is this property that makes it suitable for precision debossing of messages which don’t erode over time.

The third important point for the popularity of custom silicone bracelets is their cheapest cost over long periods as opposed to conventional campaign expenses. More over, you don’t need to pre-sell them as some new idea, they are popular and can be seen everywhere, on the teens and adults alike even though they aren’t aware of their historic background. Yes, since there are hot trends amongst various age groups, and since they are wearing them day in and day out, they have become the darlings of organizations that are looking to raise funds as well as with companies wanting to promote products and services.

Custom silicone bracelets invariably carry your logo and optional messages in order to promote something successfully. Moreover, their use for promotional purposes has been popular also because of their higher success rate unlike other conventional promotional ways like t-shirts, key-chains or pens. The bottom line: there are no statistics to suggest any campaign having failed despite using custom silicone bracelets although flop campaigns galore with classic methods.

Custom Silicone Bracelets


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