Fundraising with Custom Rubber Bracelets

Some athletes are credited as having used custom rubber wristbands for the first time for raising funds for their cancer awareness drives. Organizations proposing to raise funds selling silicon rubber wristbands need to register with state governments specifically for fund raising activity under section 501(c) (3) of Internal Revenue Services, for purposes like educational, charitable or religious. Mind you, this is registration only permits you to collect donations for specific purposes and by legitimate methods.

This license is not an all inclusive license and as a result will not exempt them all from tax liabilities; this is very important a point from your donors’ point of view. While you can’t collect tax free money for custom rubber bracelets, donors aren’t permitted to avail tax deductions while filing returns. Fundraising organizations need relevant license plates available at local Tax Commission or Tag office.

Donors are certainly supportive of products like custom rubber bracelets to show their solidarity and sympathetic with causes to donate as long as you represent the causes in the right spirit.

Fundraising - Custom Rubber Bracelets


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