Not Just Custom Rubber Wrist Bands, They Are Life Savers

No doubt, rubber wristbands are the needs of any civilization particularly in these troubled times. Let’s think about custom rubber wrist bands for now. They can be availed in designs, patterns and colors of your choice and their shades. You can have them in glow colors; either you can have debossed messages or screen printed. The list can go on. However, the point is not this.

There is more to the colors than just the zing and chic feel. Yes, I know you all know that different colors signify different causes like, for example, yellow signifies the cancer, and pink for breast cancer and so on. Colors actually make things easy for interested persons to identify their causes and their peers. Each color has its own history and a background; a simple internet search would reveal the exact number of such colors associated with social movements or awareness campaigns.

The one story associated with red color is connected with awareness more than any other color. “Southwest Ambulance” in Arizona has come up with a novel idea to save children from drowning during summer with red custom rubber wrist bands. They are designed as drowning prevention reminders for kids to be alert around pools. The high temperatures during summers entice kids to take to waters and hopefully the wrist bands alert them against entering the pool when adults aren’t around. Of course, the ambulance company has fairly well tried to educate both kids as well as their parents by distributing safety tip cards. What else, the red rubber wrist bands carry, in white letterings that the kid is a junior lifeguard! What a novel idea to make a sure fire impact!

As name suggests, custom rubber wrist bands have countless potentials; you just have to get super innovative or hire someone good at it.

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