Want to Make Your Own Wristbands?

No, it isn’t crazy to make your own wristbands neither it is hard to find someone to custom make your wristbands at an affordable cost. Well, generating ideas to make them fashionable and trendy is not a thing to worry about nor is there a constraint on the choice of material to use.

Here Is What You Should Do To Make Your Own Wristbands

Don’t worry; you don’t need to be artistically inclined to follow these steps. They are pretty simple.

  1. Choose a base material, it can be denim, rubber, leather, bubble-wrapped plastic or just about anything. For embellishment, you may choose dissimilar things or keep quiet.

  2. Cut-up a length of this material sufficient enough for you easily slide it over your wrists even after joining the ends over and join them. If you can stitch, it is better. Stitch the ends with a good overlap, hem the edges inside and you are almost done. If it’s rubber of some kind, stitching won’t work; superglue it and keep it pressed for longish times. You can also join the ends with hooks if stitching isn’t for you.

  3. Leather and denim wristbands look good if they are hemmed inside at the edges. But it is your choice; you can give it an inverted look by reverse hemming it.

  4. How do you make it look great? You may want to stick (or stitch) a few small things such as little puffy hearts, Chinese coins, feathers or troll dolls etc. You can superglue them at places. If you stick small Velcro pieces all over wristbands, you can frequently change these embellishments.

Yes, you have already made a custom wristband. You could also place online orders for custom wristbands and sit back waiting for factory made wristbands. Ordering custom designs is pretty simple as you can chose from a variety of colors, materials and designs, all for peanuts. You pick your choice, want to make your own wristbands or order it online?

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