Quality Criteria for Custom Rubber Wristbands

The cliché answer is ‘quality shows’ but this is given more often than not as an escape by those that can’t answer your queries on judging quality of custom rubber wristbands. That said, there is no one single barometer to judge quality aspects, however here are some tips.

Going by reputation of the silicone wristbands maker is an insurance of sorts for you. Number of years in business and the client list are a guide in this direction. Be careful with those that outsource manufacturing to Chinese companies.

Inspecting typical samples similar to your proposed design helps a lot. Take loser looks at debosses or engravings observing the bottom and top edges; the clearer they are the better. Pay analytical attention to logo which is the mainstay of custom silicone bracelets. Screen prints maybe checked by the quality of prints; and for the quality of ink used; try to rub it off, albeit without much pressure.

Satisfy yourself about the quality of rubber used by stretching the custom rubber bracelets a few times to their maximum and comparing back to their original shapes. Don’t forget to ask for the material specification.

Quality Criteria - Rubber Wristbands


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