Tips to Design Custom Rubber Bracelets

You may agree that designing custom rubber bracelets requires high degree of skills. Of course, it takes a commercial artist to make advanced designs but not always, after all, why would you require sophistication unless you are using the bracelets for a commercial campaign?

Here are some basic tips.

  1. 1.Choice of color/s and shape is the first thing and fundamental thing

  2. Most makers are equipped to use up to 4 colors for your custom rubber wristbands in different geometric and/or abstract patterns. For simplicity, choose your liking from design catalogues

  3. Decide on the type of font, text style (debossed/embossed etc) and whether you need text on both the sides or not

  4. Whether you want a logo and if yes would you like it embossed/debossed or whether highlighting the logo can be good or do you want it resemble wristwatches?

  5. Would you like linked/intertwined rubber wristbands of different colors? If yes, you have extra freedom for text placement

  6. Would you rather like pendants; do you like all linked custom rubber bracelets to have pendants?

Do it yourself or let the artist do, decision will be yours based on these principles.


Tips - Custom Rubber Bracelets


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