Why Custom Silicone Bracelets – Know It Before You Buy It

That custom silicone bracelets are inexpensive, trendy and that they assist you raise funds readily are all fine but not being able to maintain the quality the silicone rubber offers is going to beat the purpose of using them altogether, from the perspective of buyers. These rubber wristbands are mainly injection molded and it is the choice of silicone rubber grade that ultimately decides the final quality and ability to sustain the debossed or engraved messages.

What decides the quality of your custom silicone wristbands is the property of special grade silicone which is inert to most chemicals, oils and gases and has a high tensile strength sufficient to sustain elongations of upto 5 times its original size on any side. The base color must be added at the time of extrusion or molding into shapes and thermo-joining them.

Remember, rubber wristbands loosing their shapes or those breaking up are the last thing you will need to use regardless of the cause for which you are purchasing them.


Why Custom Silicone Bracelets


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